Types of Severe Foot Fracture

The term ‘fracture’ refers to a broken bone. A foot or ankle fracture can happen while playing a sport and exercising, or just by stubbing your toe. Professional athletes are more vulnerable to a foot or ankle fracture due to the constant stress their feet are subject to. But even people who engage in relatively lower-stress workouts and activity could break a foot or ankle bone on occasion.

Accidents and falls are another leading cause of foot and ankle fractures. Custom orthotics can help during recovery and even avoid future falls and fractures.

Foot fractures are classified into various types, based on the amount and impact of force on the bone and the location of the corresponding sections.

  • Comminuted fracture — The bone is broken into many pieces; extensive reconstruction is required.
  • Oblique fracture — This type of bone fracture spreads across the foot diagonally.
  • Transverse fracture — This type of bone fracture is characterized by a horizontal injury.
  • Compound fracture — When the bone breaks through the skin, it is called a compound fracture. This is the most severe type and requires surgery to fix.
  • Stable fracture — As the name implies, when the bones are not severely displaced, the fracture is more stable and easier to treat.

If you suspect a fracture in your foot or ankle, seek medical attention at a podiatrist’s clinic right away.

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