Things You Should Know About Ankle Steroid Injections

There are several reasons why a person would receive an ankle steroid injection, which is made up of corticosteroids. Generally speaking, doctors prescribe the injections. With that said, read on to learn more about why these injections are given, how long the effects last for, the benefits they offer and what to expect during an injection.

Why Are The Injections Given

foot and ankle injection for pain

Steroid injections are often given in the ankle when certain conditions need to be treated. These conditions include plantar fasciitis and gout. Other conditions ankle injections can treat are Achilles tendinopathy, osteoarthritis of the ankle, Rheumatoid arthritis and tarsal tunnel syndrome to name a few.

A doctor will examine the patient and evaluate their condition. If they feel that the treatment is necessary, then they may recommend an ankle injection to treat the condition. Depending on the severity of the condition, several injections, over a period of time, might be given.

How Long Does The Effects Last

Steroid ankle injections can be effective, but not everyone will experience the same exact results within the same period of time. How long the effects will last varies from patient to patient, as well as the type of condition being treated. In general, many patients find that the effects last for months. In some cases, patients experience pain relief of up to 9-10 months.

What To Expect

A doctor prepares the injections, which are delivered via a small needle. Once the treatment is prepared, it will be injected into the ankle. Many patients report virtually no pain during the treatment. However, a slight temporary pain flare-up might occur for 2-3 days.

The Benefits Of Ankle Steroid Injections

There are many potential benefits of ankle steroid injections. For starters, the procedure is non-invasive and relatively quick. In fact, the treatment itself takes less than 20 minutes to administer. This is one of the reasons why the injections have increasingly become popular throughout the years.

Secondly, steroid injections to the ankles can significantly reduce pain. The results are often long lasting, which means a patient can enjoy doing activities without feeling constant pain in their feet. Regardless of the condition being treated, there’s a good chance it can reduce pain in the patient suffering with the condition.

Third benefit is the injections are fast acting. Depending on the condition and severity of the pain, some patients might experience pain relief in as little as a day. Other patients might need a bit longer to feel results.

Finally, the injections are relatively safe. All treatments have some degree of risks associated with them. However, the risks associated with ankle steroid injections are relatively low. When compared to other forms of treatment, steroid injections are among one of the safest and most effective treatments for many foot conditions.

Anyone who is interested in receiving an ankle steroid injection should speak with their doctor. They can explain all of the potential benefits and potential side effects. Furthermore, they can tell the patient whether or not they’re a good candidate for the injection.